Know Before You Go's mission is pretty simple: to fund Exploration Grants for prospective and admitted college students to visit the college of their choice so that they make an educated decision as to this important step in their lives.


What Do the Grants Cover?

Exploration Grants cover the following costs associated with visiting a university of choice:

  1. Air travel to and from the university;
  2. Ground transportation to and from the university;
  3. Lodging (while Know Before You Go covers lodging, we encourage students to stay in the university dormitories so they can obtain a comprehensive experience of the university during their visit); and
  4. A stipend for food and beverages.

What is Required of Recipients?

Know Before You Go wants to celebrate this next important step in our Exploration Grantees' educational path. We require that Grantees submit a picture and a brief blog post about their university visit upon return from their Exploration Visit.

That's it. Pretty simple.

What is the Application Process?

Know Before You Go requires all applicants to fill out an online application, which includes basic information about the applicant, their extracurricular interests, their work experience, and a 250 word essay demonstrating desire and a need for the Exploration Grant.

Know Before You Go may schedule brief in-person or phone interviews with select applicants.

Applications are currently limited to students who are enrolled at high schools in San Bernardino County, California.